Sarah is a fifth-generation attorney from Danville, Kentucky. She learned to love the law from a young age when she would go to court with her dad to watch him litigate, and knew that she wanted to grow up to be a public defender by the time she was nine years old. After graduating from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, Sarah went to work for the Louisville Metro Public Defender’s Office. She worked as a public defender for four years, representing some of Louisville’s most vulnerable citizens.

Although Sarah was proud of the work she did there—and of the positive impact she had on individual clients—she eventually left to open her own practice so that she could move beyond criminal cases and begin representing disadvantaged clients in civil matters.  Sarah has been a trial attorney for nearly ten years. She has experience defending criminal cases, as well as defending and prosecuting civil cases. She has never shied away from the courtroom, and has a record of being an aggressive litigator.

Sarah is an idealist, but a logical one. She believes in equal justice, and that we must make a conscious effort to work toward it every day. Having worked in the criminal justice system in Jefferson County for her entire legal career, she has seen consistent racial and socioeconomic disparities in every stage of criminal cases. Although she has done her best to make a positive impact during her time as a trial attorney—seeking to ensure that our justice system is fair to everyone who encounters it—she’s realized that in order to have a real impact there must be change on a broader scale.  For Sarah, that means taking the bench as a Circuit Judge so that she can ensure every person who enters her courtroom is treated fairly and equally under the law.